About Us

My Dear Reader,

Humankind once dreamed of cities spanning the earth. We dreamed of using the same iron and steel which conquered our foes to conquer the wilds.

But iron and steel don’t stand the test of time. Metal is cold. It’s inflexible. It’s unforgiving. The future requires something more lively.

That’s why MYDEER products are made with 100% natural wood. Ebony. Maple. Walnut. Zebrawood.

Through hurricanes and earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, the humble tree stands strong. Its perseverance protects us, its strength shelters us.

That’s how MYDEER accomplishes something unique. Wood is lightweight and comfortable, while remaining strong and stable. Wood is beautiful and bountiful, while remaining eco-friendly and sustainable.

This gives MYDEER accessories an original taste which is simultaneously classic, functional, elegant, and smart.

MYDEER was made for your dear loved ones who deserve something special. Each piece can be engraved with a message to make it an even more personal.