Plant a tree


As part of our dedication to making positive contributions to both society and the environment, we work directly with The Forest Garden Program to create life-changing opportunities

What is The Forest Garden Program?

The Forest Garden Program is plants a variety of fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and food crops in an efficient manner over four years. By creating lush gardens with thousands of plants and trees, families are able to source sustainable food, livestock feed, eco-friendly products to sell, gather fuel wood and generate up to 5x as much annual income.

Purchase a Watch

Every time you make a watch purchase, we contribute to The Forest Garden Program to plant more trees that will help families in a variety of ways.

Improving the Quality of Life

Through our partnership, we are committed to increasing the living quality by offering the people of Senegal the opportunity to generate income, feed themselves and create sustainable means to live off of for generations to come.

Supporting a Unified Goal

The Forest Garden Program works closely with 12,000 residents of Senegal within 1,600 families. The project was developed to bring the goal of prosperity, sustenance, and innovation to an area which has historically suffered from extreme poverty.

A Positive Impact

Every item you buy adds to the amazing work of the program, helping each family come that much closer to reaching the goal of a self-sustainable community.